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My Disney Class invades ISTE 2016

Join Ryan and Howie as they take you with them to ISTE 2016 in Denver CO.  ​Close to 20,000 registered attendees and industry representatives from 72 countries around the world traveled to Denver for ISTE 2016, the largest and most comprehensive ed tech conference in the world.  Whether you attended, followed along at home through social media, ( by the way social media activity this year reached new highs. By the end of the conference on Wednesday June 29th, there were more than 221,000 tweets with the #ISTE2016 and around 4,000 pictures on Instagram!) or you missed out on the fun this year. In this show Howie and Ryan are going to bring you their thoughts and reflections recorded live at the event as well as several interviews done with some of the top educators in attendance. Listen as we ask all our special guests to share with us their stories and thoughts about ISTE 2016.


ISTE 2017 info

Special Guest Interviews:

Beth Still @BethStill 

Richard Byrne 

Paula Naugle  @plnaugle

David Lockhart @bigguyinabowtie 

Shannon Lupin Savannah High School in California

Heather Vamilio Sam Houston State University

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