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Wisdom of Walt.

Interview with Jeffrey Barnes.

Join Ryan and Howie as they wrap up season one of My Disney Class Podcast with an incredible guest Jeffrey Barnes author of Wisdom of Walt. Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth.   Not only is Jeffrey an author but he is also a professional keynote speaker, higher education administrator, university professor ( pioneer in teaching a course called The History Of Disneyland at California Baptist University ), and leadership/success coach. Jeffrey is a masterful storyteller and he shares several of his stories with us about his passion for teaching and Disney.  He attributes his passion for Disney, and Disneyland in particular, to his love of history, story, and success.  He shares his belief that the Disney parks can teach us some of life’s greatest lessons.  This is of course if you know that history, know what to look for, and you are willing to connect it all to your own story.  This is exactly what Jeffrey’s book looks to help you with and he does it all in a way that leaves you feeling inspired and energized to go out and live your story the way your really want to live it.  We hope you enjoy this episode of My Disney Class Podcast as much as we enjoyed making it. Getting to discuss Disney, the history of Disneyland, Walt, and teaching with these principles in mind with Jeffrey Barnes was a real treat and has inspired Howie and Ryan to keep living our story of My Disney Class with you.


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