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In this show, Howie and Ryan interview Barbara Frazier from FMI STEM Academy in Oakland Florida. Together we talk about what is STEM / STEAM and why it is important for students to be exposed to these concepts. Also during the interview we were fortunate enough to get a drop in visit by Justice, founder and CEO of FMI STEM academy. He talks to us about the role of technology in STEM and how they integrate tech. to take their students learning to the next level. We finish the interview by looking at partnerships and community involvement and how FMI uses these opportunities to strengthen the real world authentic learning they strive for their students.


Contact Information:

Barbara - FMI STEM Academy

"Where it's Cool to be Smart!"

407-490-8810 (W)


STEM Academy is a Division of Florida Math Institute, INC. (FMI)

301 S. Tubb Street, Ste. B1

Oakland, Florida 34760

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