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Halloween Fun in the classroom and an In depth look at the storyline on Phantom Manor and The Haunted Mansion


Episode 3.5: 10-31-15  


In today’s show Howie and Ryan are haunted by the idea that good stories and fun Halloween activities can make your classroom a Spooktacular place. In this show, Ryan shares some ways he has celebrated Halloween in his class while also engaging his students in some science concepts of the Halloween season.


Ryan then talks about other teacher’s lessons that he has found that also take unique and creative ways to integrate Halloween into their curriculums.  


In the second half of the show, Howie shares with us his recent trip to Disneyland Paris. Howie takes us on an in depth tour of one of the most famous and beloved attractions of all the Disney parks, The Haunted Mansion or as it is called in Paris, The Phantom Manor! Listen in as Howie and Ryan discuss all the story elements of Phantom Manor and how those elements are similar between the different parks and how they are really different.  


Throughout this show we share lesson ideas that we see as possible connections to this attraction as well as some of the wonderful history of its development. We hope you have fun listening to us celebrate the Happy Haunts and possibly get inspired to bring some Halloween fun into your classroom as well. Now as your two Ghost Hosts, Howie and Ryan must encourage you to join us.


We have 999 happy listeners but there is always room for one more! So please hurry back! Hurry back! Be sure to bring your death certificate, if you should decide to join us. Make final arrangements now! We’ve been dying… have you listen to our podcast.




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