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Releasing your Genius with Angela Maiers

In this episode of My Disney Class podcast, Howie and Ryan have a very special guest Angela Maiers on to talk about releasing the genius inside us all.  Angela has twenty six years of experience as an educator which includes classroom and university teaching, instructional coaching, research, writing, publishing, corporate training, and launching a global movement.  Angela joins us to continue our series on Passion projects and shares with us how we can go beyond the idea of passion / genius hour projects.  We discuss what it means to liberate the genius in ourselves as well as our students. Angela shares her framework for liberating genius which includes the following:


  1. Need to accept our genius

  2. Need to notice the genius around us

  3. Leverage all of the collective genius


We end the episode with how this idea of releasing your genius can be transformational and can really lead you down a path that will help cultivate a classroom or school into a fertile place for growth. Angela also shares with us how to get her latest book Liberating Genius for free thanks to one of her partners Microsoft.  Follow the links below to get to all of Angela’s works, including your free copy on Liberating Genius.



3 books by Angela:

  1. The Passion Driven Classroom

  2. Classroom Habitudes

  3. Liberating Genius


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