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Students Creating with their Genius.

In this episode of My Disney Class podcast, Howie and Ryan share their Passion Based Classroom projects. This is part 3 of the 3 part series on Passion / Genius hour projects.  Come along with us as we wrap up this series on the magic behind allowing students to pursue their passion, to create, to problem solve, and to make mistakes without fear.


To start us off Ryan continues his discussion on what 20% time looks like in his classroom.  He shares pictures of his students during various stages of the project and explains what they are doing in each one.  We also address concerns in meeting curriculum requirements and classroom discipline.


In the second half of the show, Howie shares his PBL-STEM Project : "Imagineering Classrooms" Design a Theme Park Attraction.  Listen and find out how to get a FREE copy of his e-Book. 



Ryan's Links

Google Slides of pictures from my students doing 20% time projects 




Video to the left is of the two students of mine that designed and had made a prototype of high heal shoes. They are presenting to the board of education as part of my presentation on how 20% time meets our district goals.


Howie's Links

Download Leader Guide Imagineering Classrooms

For 1 week or 2 week PBL-STEM Project


Follow us on Twitter and receive a message on how to DOWNLOAD the 289 page e-Book "Imagineering Classrooms"  TWITTER = @mydisneyclass


SHOW Downloads - Imagineering Classrooms

Design a Disney Theme Park Attraction


Five stages of Knowledge


What is Disney Imagineering


Interactive Assignment




Skills Database


Disney - Ultimate Attraction Guide


Patent Search-Research


Presentation Tools - Exploring Web Tools


Special Effects-Audio-Video-Music-Lighting


Web 2.0 Drawing Tools for Every Level


FETC Workshop Handouts-Google Drive

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