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WDW Through The Lens Of Teens And Tweens.

In this episode of My Disney Class, Howie and Ryan interview the author of the book Walt Disney  "World for Teens and Tweens".  Tim Brooks who currently lives in upstate NY with his wife and teenaged daughter and spent the early part of his career working in sports information at the University of Delaware and then Allentown College.  He did spend some time teaching sports management at Lehigh-Carbon Community College and The College of St. Rose. So Tim is familiar with the education world and that with raising a teenage daughter and you get Tim’s book!  


Actually, Tim shares the story of his daughter’s love for planning trips to Walt Disney World but the unfortunate truth that most guide books were either written for little kids or adults.  There was nothing for the person in the middle, the teens and tweens.  

Tim’s book fills that need but also addresses the issue of finding the educational value of a trip to Walt Disney World.  In this episode we explore the reality that a lot of families with teens find themselves in and that is leaving for vacation to the most magical place in the world in the middle of school, sports, and many other commitments of the teen’s demanding life. Listen as Tim gives advice from his book and his personal experiences on how to handle these situations.  Plus, Tim will share his favorite two educational lesson opportunities from each of the four parks.  We hope you enjoy today’s episode as Ryan and Howie put on the lens of a teenager and plan a trip to WDW filled with fun learning experiences, just waiting for us around every corner.




Walt Disney World For Teens And Tweens. by Time Books

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