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Meet Our Featured Teachers


At MyDisneyClass,, we value teachers as professionals by recognizing their contributions, giving them autonomy to make the decisions that are best for students, and investing in their growth and development. One way we encourage teachers to grow is by observing and learning from teachers who have seen success in their own classrooms.


Our Featured Teachers, reflect a deep understanding of planning and content knowledge that allows us to share and take a glimpse into both the classrooms and mindsets of some of the most talented and dedicated educators.

Teacher Feature:  August 2015


Inspiring STEM Learning



Empowering Youth to Learn, Lead, and Create with Technology



MOUSE empowers underserved youth to learn, lead, and create with technology, preparing them with skills essential for their academic and career success.


The MOUSE Squad program trains students to become digital media and technology experts in their schools, improving the use of technology to enhance learning, while also building confidence and developing skills for 21st century innovation. MOUSE connects students around shared interests as a national network of youth technology leaders.


We are excited to welcome new sites to our national network of youth technology leaders!


MOUSE Squad is a youth development program that empowers students to become technology and digital media leaders, developing and team building skills, while also playing a valued role in their school and communities. 

MOUSE introduces youth to exciting innovations in technology, giving them the opportunity to learn about digital media and design and to become creators and makers.

MOUSE is honored to work with a number of exceptional schools, community organizations, and school districts throughout the United States and beyond, including in New York City, California, Chicago Texas, Missouri, Oregon and more!


Learn More about MOUSE!

  • Watch our MOUSE Squad Story Video

  • Take a look at some of recent posts on the MOUSE Squad Wire

  • Check out our National MOUSE Squad Membership Packet

  • Sign up for an upcoming MOUSE Squad Infosession


What does MOUSE Squad Membership include?

  • MOUSE Squad Certification: A comprehensive, standards-based, online curriculum that facilitates the training of youth technicians in computer troubleshooting, help desk operations and customer service skills.

  • Collaborative Online Learning: MOUSE Squad’s national website, which includes our MOUSE Squad Wire, monthly MicroProject competitions, discussion forums, blogging and authentic project management tools (including our CaseTracker ticket-tracking system).

  • Specialist Certifications: Additional curriculum that covers technology topics that go beyond tech support and are full of exciting new hands-on projects, including Garage Robotics (circuitry and basic electronic programming), Serious Games (designing games that teach something or address a social issue) and GreenTECH (impacting the greening of our schools and communities)

  • MOUSE Squad Kit: Includes all that a site needs to get started, including USB drives, posters, checklist and a computer toolkit. MOUSE Support through MOUSE can help you troubleshoot implementation at your school and answer any questions you have about the website and kit.


Ready to Join? Here’s how!


  • Select a staff member to serve as the MOUSE Squad Coordinator. The coordinator is the educator who facilitates the curriculum with youth, and supports them as they work on tech support projects and other technology and digital media projects.

  • Fill out the membership form at

  • Pay the annual membership fee— which includes everything listed above.

For more information about joining MOUSE, please contact Jeremy Donelan at or 646-574-6446.


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