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Surprise, We are going to Disney World!

Summer break is fast approaching and if you are like us here at My Disney Class Podcast, you may already be daydreaming of those warm carefree days ahead.  Some of you may even be preparing for that most magical summer destination of all, Walt Disney World!  


On today’s show, Howie and Ryan discuss how you can take the weeks or months leading up to your next fairytale vacation and make them have some educational value.  I know what you might be thinking, how can there be any educational value in planning a vacation?  Well, listen as we go through the whole process from travel to checking into your hotel and we share all the questions, decisions, and real-world educational scenarios, you can work through with your kids.  


Who knew planning a Walt Disney World vacation could be such a powerful educational tool?  Ok, ok, Ryan and Howie knew and we hope you enjoy the show as we take you through our thought process on how to create these opportunities.  





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