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Imagineering & Imagineers: 

  What's That All About?


Walt Disney Imagineering is the master planning, creative development, design, engineering,   production, project management, and research and development arm of The Walt Disney Company and its affiliates. Representing more than 140 disciplines, its talented corps of Imagineers is responsible for the creation of Disney resorts, theme parks and attractions, hotels, water parks, regional entertainment venues, cruise ships and new media technology projects.

Inside Walt Disney Imagineering

>>  Inside Walt Disney Imagineering  New Video:
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Disney Imagineering Videos-Making Of:

Building Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid


Rock'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith at Disneyland Paris


Imagineers & Innovative Technology to Build New Fantasyland


Making Mountains in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park




A blended word combining imagination with engineering.


A person who merges imagination and technology—who implements creative ideas into practical form.


It also means someone who believes that inspired, creative thinking and design should not just serve itself, and that technology should get out of your way and make your life easier, not more frustrating


My Disney Class is the light rays of creative ideas to assist you to your succes.


Thank you to Imagineer Design for permission to re-print


Welcome to IMAGINEERING, administered by the independent education charity, the IMAGINEERING FOUNDATION and staffed by committed volunteers with engineering knowledge. Its aim is to introduce young people of 8-16 years to the exciting world of engineering, science and technology through fun, hands-on activities and personal involvement.

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