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Information literacy:

How many can YOU do???



Define: Articulate a need for information as one or more relevant, focused, and manageable questions. Know where to locate and gain understanding of acceptable, common definitions of terms associated with the needed information.


Access: Search, find, and retrieve information from a variety of print and electronic resources (e.g., databases, Internet).


Evaluate: Judge the currency, appropriateness, and adequacy of information and information sources for a specific purpose.


Manage: Conduct a rudimentary and preliminary organization of accessed information for retrieval and future application.


Integrate: Extract and combine information from a variety of sources and draw fundamental conclusions.


Create: Summarize and adapt information to describe an event, express an opinion, or support a basic argument, viewpoint, or position.


Communicate: Adapt and present information for a peer audience.


Checklist for Evaluating Web Resources




Is the information reliable?

Check the author's credentials and affiliation.

 Is the author an expert in the field?

 Does the resource have a reputable

             organization or expert behind it?

Are the sources of information stated?

Can you verify the information?

 Can the author be contacted for clarification?

Check for organizational or author biases.







Nov. 15 -2015

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