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Homeschooling with a Disney Flair!

On today’s show, Howie and Ryan welcome Kristen Echols from Oklahoma City, OK.  Kristen is a homeschool mother of three that adds a little Disney magic to her lessons.  We first learn a little bit about Kristen, which includes how she went to school to become an elementary teacher but realized that she didn’t love everything that was involved with teaching at a school.  She then shares with us how she came to the decision to homeschool her kids and what homeschooling actually means.

Kristen then takes us through what she does before a trip to WDW with her kids that integrates the pre-trip planning, like budgeting, into the daily lessons her kids need to learn.  She then shares with us the ways she keeps the time down at WDW educational while still having fun and not ruining that Disney magic.  This includes how she actually calculates and plans several learning opportunities that can count as classroom days for her kids.  We finish off by learning how this family keeps the dreaded not at Disney feelings away until the next trip arrives and how that includes keeping the high engaged learning going.

We had a ton of fun talking with Kristen on this episode and we learned a bunch about homeschooling.  After listening, we are sure you will agree that this homeschooling mother of three is an educational rockstar with a knack and a magic flare for teaching.  







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