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Updating the World, World Showcase that is!

            Join Howie and Ryan as they travel the world today.  Well, maybe not the world, but the world showcase pavilions at E.P.C.O.T.  Starting at Mexico and working all the way through to Canada, Ryan and Howie share what their thoughts are on the current offerings at each location and then share what Disney could do to improve each pavilion's child appeal.  Though both agree that there is a lot to learn and do for both adults and children at each pavilion, there are some things that could be done to increase the appeal and desire to go back to each pavilion and discover more.  For example, could Japan benefit with putting in a thrill ride like a Mount Fuji roller coaster?  Well, today Howie and Ryan will dream big and play armchair Imagineer as they redesign and plus each pavilion with what they think will bring in the crowds.  We hope you enjoy today’s World Showcase dreaming and like always, if you have a comment or suggestion about today’s topic, let us know by commenting on iTunes, Facebook, or send us an email at






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