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Reflecting Back On 2 Years: My Disney Class!

On today’s show, Howie and Ryan are celebrating our two year anniversary!  In honor of this momentous occasion, we are looking back and reflecting on what we have learned and our thoughts about several of the guests that have been on the show.  We couldn’t be more thankful for everyone that has come on our show and shared their story with us.  Listening and learning from all these passionate people has been a growth opportunity that has changed both of us for the better.  Throw in a little Disney magic and we have ourselves two incredible years of My Disney Class!  We hope to continue to provide our listeners with high-quality podcasts that feature more inspiring educators and continue to help create "Classroom Magic".  




Building EPCOT-Imagineer Steve Alcorn 

Wisdom of Walt. Interview with Jeffrey Barnes, Author 

Lessons From Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with Hedda Sharapan

The Imagineering Pyramid with Lou Prosperi 

Star Wars in the Classroom  with Thomas Riddle

Design Through The Eyes Of Former Imagineer Brian Collins 

Disney Driven Life with Jeff Dixon 

Disney Historian Jim Korkis, Visits MyDisneyClass 






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