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Conference Time Again.

In this episode, Howie and Ryan are discussing the different conferences that they have recently presented at.  These conferences include ISTE ( International Society for Technology in Education ), FETC ( Future of Education Technology Conference ), TCEA ( Texas Computer Education Association ) They share what they love about attending conferences and some tips on how you too can be a presenter at one of these conferences or any conference.

Listen as Ryan and Howie compare the pluses and minus of each conference and how each compares to each other.  We think you will find that there are some big similarities and also some big differences.  Don’t get us wrong, we love going to conferences but we want you to be prepared and excited about what you will experience if you choose to attend one of these conferences.  Believe us, you are going to learn a lot, have tons of fun, and feel really really drained by the end of each day.  Of course, it is all worth it whether it’s a tool or strategy that is going to change the way you teach or a connection that you make with a fellow educator, you are going to find real value in stepping out of your comfort zone and attending a conference.  There is a lot of Magic going on in education around the nation and conference are a great way to find some!








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