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Magic Mints with Maria Esterline

On today’s show, Ryan and Howie welcome the wonderful and magical Maria Esterline!  Maria describes herself as a simple educator that is passionate about creating learning experiences that prepare students for the real world. Her mission in life has been to be the change you wish to see in the world. She believes the change has to start with her and that’s exactly how she lives her life daily.  If you have ever met or get the chance to meet Maria, you will see this for yourself as she is sure to build a meaningful relationship with you and offer her serves to you.

Maria is currently serving as an instructional designer for the University of Florida.  Her past experiences included teaching 5th and 6th grade in all subjects. She has also developed a free Summer Online program for K-12  for Westfield Schools to help close the summer learning loss. The program was sold to 8 other school districts across the country. Her hope is that all of her work points right back to the students because they truly are the voice of the future.


We really think you are going to enjoy hearing about Maria’s journey and how passionate she is about making real change in education and more importantly student’s lives.  This passion has brought her to a new exciting mission that involves her organizing a new twist on an educational conference that she has called Ignite. The goal according to Maria of the Ignite conference is, “to provide leaders with the tools to develop learners that are intrinsically motivated to confidently navigate the successful educational journey. We want learners to see the value of how they are needed in their learning communities.  Ignite attendees will promote a culture where learners own their learning and appreciate the process along the way. Any learner, no matter the path they take, will walk confidently and humbly across the graduation stage and have the essential skills to pursue their life’s educational success journey.”





Facebook: @Est Maria








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