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FETC and Miami Heat

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcasts, Howie and Ryan are talking about Howie’s recent trip down to Miami for the FETC conference. The Future of Education Technology Conference head to the shores of Miami Beach to soak up some sun and valuable education technology solutions. Plus FETC is turning 40, so what a great way for them to celebrate this birthday than down in the electric city of Miami.  This conference is also an awesome way to network with a community of thousands of educators who share common challenges and have the opportunity to present unique solutions. FETC seeks to maximize the potential of education technology by providing attendees with more than 600 sessions, workshops, and diverse learning opportunities.


Howie was gracious enough to head all the way down south of Walt Disney World to share a whopping 5 sessions! His sessions and workshops included dealing with apps in the classroom and how to evaluate them. Howie also discussed one of his most trusted workshops called Edmagineering Classrooms which he takes his participants through a brainstorming process that allows them to take their ideas for theme park attractions and turn it into a pitch for their fellow educators. Howie’s next session was 20 Disney projects for your classroom that were each based on the ISTE standards. In this session, he took participants through many of these lessons and how they can be implemented in the classroom. Howie’s session titled STEAM, STEM and the magic of Disney movies and the one he did on podcasts were also big hits.


We hope you enjoyed today’s show recapping FETC and the incredible presentations and participants that Howie was able to interact with at FETC in Miami. Please keep the ratings and comments coming, they help us be better and help to grow our wonderful My Disney Class community.





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