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Walt disney world flag raising empty par

Empty but still Magical!

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Howie and Ryan are imagining and dreaming of what it would be like to have the parks to ourselves. In these unprecedented times, we are seeing video and images of the parks completely empty. Though these images can be unsettling, to say the least, we wanted to look at it from a positive spin and discuss some of our favorite attractions. Like most of you, our schools are sitting empty as well and we hope that looking and reflecting on the empty parks can help some reimagine and reflect on the positive opportunities our empty schools might be able to give us. We at My Disney Class Podcast, so hope that our schools can go back to normal soon and when they do, we know that they are going to be stronger and better because of the work that you do.

We hope that all our listeners are safe and healthy and that you are getting the support you need for not only continuing the learning for our students but also getting the support you need for your own health and mental wellness. Please feel free, like always, to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help support you. Also if you have not already done so, please consider joining our Facebook group, Educators who love Disney. There is already a good group of educators there ready to embrace you and help support each other and we would love to have you join the group.


Flyover video of empty Disneyland





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