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In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Howie and Ryan continue their conversation looking at E.P.C.O.T. and its inspirations for the classroom. On the January 1st show, Ryan and Howie had great intentions and ambitions to travel around the entire showcase and discuss each pavilion but they got so inspired by the great pavillions found in World Showcase that they only make it about halfway around World Showcase lagoon. In today’s episode, the goal is to finish our trip around World Showcase and stop at each of the remaining pavilions. 

There is so much educational greatness in all of the Disney World property but the cultural richness and unique opportunities that World Showcase has are pretty special. As we continue our tour through the different pavilions, Howie and Ryan will share some of their initial thoughts of each pavilion and what makes them special in their minds as educational gems. 

We hope you enjoy our trip around the different pavilions as Howie and Ryan stop at each one and discuss what types of inspiration they draw from each of them and how they would apply that to education. Thanks again to all our listeners and remember to leave feedback on iTunes / Apple Music and join our community of Disney loving educators over on our Facebook page, Educators Who Love Disney.


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