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Using Disney To Teach Business And HR

With Jaime Williams

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Ryan and Howie welcome Jaime Williams to the show. Jaime is originally from Albertville, AL and she received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, History, and English from Ashland University and an MBA at the University of North Alabama. She is currently finishing up her Doctoral program at the University of Mississippi. Her research interests are in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources with a primary focus on how personality characteristics, especially aggression, can have a detrimental effect on a firm or on other people within an organization. Her dissertation is titled, “The Inclusion of Aggressive Personality as an Antecedent of Abusive Supervision.” As that isn’t impressive enough, Jaime is a big Disney fan too! This puts her high on our list of course of educators that are doing incredible things that we think you need to hear about.

So on the show today, you are going to hear Jaime talk about how she uses Disney in the classes that she teaches at the University of Mississippi. That’s right, in her spare time, insert cough and chuckle here, she is an instructor in the Business School at the University. We think you are really going to enjoy her examples and reasonings to why Disney is such a great model for teaching business and HR concepts that her students need to learn so they can be successful in the corporate world. Being the Disney fan she is, Jaime has some really good examples that she’s backed up with loads of research and facts that even us veteran Disney fans might not have known about! 


We loved hearing her passion for education and had fun discussing her Disney fandom as well and we think you will too. As always remember to keep the conversation going over on our Facebook group Educators Who Love Disney and don’t forget if you like the show or any of our episodes, head over to Apple Music and rate and review our podcast. This helps get the word out to other educators and we would love to continue to grow our wonderful community.


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