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In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Ryan and Howie are discussing how they might approach creating lessons out of EPCOT attractions.  In the show today we get a peek inside the workings of both Howie’s and Ryan’s mind and boy can that be scary! It all starts with a nightmare that Howie had that an upcoming book on EPCOT was due to the publisher and no ideas were coming to mind on how to create lessons for one of our favorite parks, EPCOT.  This leads Ryan and Howie to the content of today’s show which is how we approach each attraction from the start. What’s the first impression of an attraction? What educational inspiration does this attraction give us? What’s the story? How can we take that story and use it to our advantage to create an engaging and inspiring lesson for our students? We will take a look at these questions and more as we walk around EPCOT in today’s discussion.

So as we walk and explore EPCOT for educational gold, which we found a ton, our inspiration took us to many places from the Sciences to History and even poetry.  Howie and Ryan even got so carried away that they only made it through Future World. Look for a future episode where they continue their walk around EPCOT gaining educational inspiration around every corner and churro!


Season 4 Episode 21--Undiscovered EPCOT


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