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Design in the classroom with Devan Lewis

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Ryan and Howie welcome Devan Lewis to the show. Devan is a middle school STEM teacher at McFarland School that really strives to foster the principles and passions found in most Disney Imagineers. 

Devan shares with us her passion for Disney and specifically Disney Imagineers and why she feels this passion is key to creating a classroom of creatives. Devan also shares the story of how and why her Principal allowed her to actually make a whole class and curriculum based on Disney Imagineering and how that class has grown and developed into several classes now. 


Devan also shares with us several of her projects that she’s done with her students including a visual storytelling project that ends with the students creating a diorama that tells the story completely about a character by only using the visuals in the diorama. This is a really awesome project, and wait until you hear about one little girl's project and the details she used to tell her story. Devan also shares a few other projects she’s done or is planning on doing. We are sure you will find them as inspiring as we do and maybe you too will be encouraged to bring some Imagineering into your classroom.


We hope you enjoy today’s episode and as always, we would love for you to rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts. If you have any feedback or would like to come on the show, please email us at, and don’t forget to join our Facebook community at Educators Who Love Disney. 


Instagram: The Middle School Imagineer

Facebook: Devan Lewis 


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