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Magical Megan Zimdars

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Ryan and Howie welcome Megan Zimdars to the show. Megan is in her 6th year teaching and is currently working with 4th graders at Boswell Elementary in Lebanon MO. Megan teaches Social Studies and ELA and does so in some of the most magical ways all in a classroom that is themed wonderfully to inspire students of all ages!

On today’s show, Megan will share with us her story of how she became an educator and also how she became a Disney fan. We then hear how she combines these two passions to create engaging lessons and environments that her students love. Megan talks about how she decorates her classroom and why that is important and shares that this year she has a classroom that is castle-themed, awesome! 

Megan also talks about how she divides her students up into houses, think Harry Potter, but instead of Gryffindor or Slytherin, Megan uses the four parks of Walt Disney World! She also will share some of the lessons she has used integrating the magic of Disney, like teaching Geography and culture using the pavilions at EPCOT. 

Too far from Disney to have your students experience the park, you say? Wish you could bring your students to the magic? Well, Megan has figured that out too. She will share how she worked with our own Brian Collins to take her students on a virtual field trip to the most magical place on Earth. 

We hope you enjoy today’s show and find Megan as magical and inspirational as we do! Remember, if you like the show and want to help us spread the word about it and build our already amazing community, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts!


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