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If the walls could talk, or can they? With Professor Robert Abbott

Bob Abbott prof pic.jpeg

In Episode 16 of Season 9, hosts Ryan Boeckman and Howie DiBlasi welcome special guest Professor Bob Abbott to My Disney Class podcast. Professor Abbott brings a wealth of experience as an instructor in Project Management, Visual Thinking, and Business Analysis at McGill University Centre for Continuing Education, with over 15 years of teaching under his belt. Additionally, he boasts over 30 years of Information and Technology expertise in the telecommunications industry, making him a seasoned enterprise Senior Project Manager and facilitator. 

Throughout the episode, Professor Abbott shares insights into the importance of visual thinking and brainstorming in project management and corporate training, drawing on his extensive experience and expertise. He discusses techniques for fostering creativity and innovation within teams, often employing humor, storytelling, and Disney to cultivate an atmosphere of trust and creative thinking during his classes. Practical examples of visual thinking and brainstorming techniques are explored, highlighting their effectiveness in problem-solving and idea generation. 
The episode concludes with Professor Abbott sharing how he uses Edmagineering Classrooms in his courses at McGill University.  Bob offers us some helpful tips for using some of the same techniques he uses and also shares how he helps his students who struggle with this approach get over some of their initial hurdles.   

Overall, Episode 16 offers valuable insights and practical strategies for fostering creativity and innovation in both project management and educational settings. We hope you enjoyed listening to Professor Abbott and we hope that you try some of the innovative approaches he has to helping students maximize their learning potential through visual learning.  If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe, leave a review, and share with fellow educators. Stay tuned for more captivating episodes as we continue our journey through the world of education and innovation, Disney style!






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