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Destination D Announcements


Today, Howie and Ryan discuss the recent announcements made by the Walt Disney Company at their Destination D event in Orlando. Ryan and Howie look to the future as some of these events that have been announced are currently happening, and some won’t happen for a few months to years. 

While looking at these announcements, Howie and Ryan ask themselves how these changes may enhance the opportunities for enriching our classrooms that Disney already provides. They talk about things that you can bring into your classroom directly from these changes and also find inspiration in them to branch off into other contents and activities that would make for great lessons and activities in school.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation about the latest Destination D event and the exciting changes that hopefully will come true in the near future!  Also, if you haven’t already, remember to join the fun and supportive community we have in our Facebook group, Educators who love Disney. Don’t forget to rate and review our podcast on Apple Music. Your support and feedback will only make us better!


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