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Gaming in the Classroom with Mark DiBlasi


Welcome to another magical episode of My Disney Class! In this episode, co-host Howie DiBlasi's son, Mark DiBlasi, takes the stage to delve into the exciting gaming world in the classroom. Join us as Mark shares his insights on incorporating board games into educational settings and valuable tips on building a cost-effective game library for your students.

    Mark starts off the show with a brief introduction and gives us a quick background on himself which includes his connection to education and his passion for gaming. We then jump into exploring the benefits of integrating board games into the educational environment. Mark shares examples of how board games can enhance critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among students and lists out some top choices he thinks would be good options for most classrooms.   

   Mark also gives us some options for finding deals on board games that can help teachers keep the cost down of bringing games into the classroom. From cost-effective alternatives and creative solutions to groups that share resources for free, Mark has some great options for all budgets. He also shares digital resources and websites to help educators discover suitable games for their classrooms and ways to navigate online platforms to find educational games that align with specific learning objectives. 

We hope you enjoyed our episode today with Mark DiBlasi and his great insights on board games in the classroom. If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe, leave a review, and share with fellow educators. Stay tuned for more captivating episodes as we continue our journey through the world of education and innovation, Disney style! 






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