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Picture Perfect End To The School Year.

Part 1.

On today’s episode, Ryan and Howie wrap up the school year by looking back and discussing all the ways you can use cell phones in the classroom.  While it is heavily debated in both school and at Walt Disney World whether or not cell phones are a distraction. We feel that if you follow common courtesy, devices can really help to enhance your enjoyment and experience at both the parks and inside the classroom.


Howie and Ryan start off the episode by sharing some of their favorite ways to use phones at WDW.  Sharing how they make planning easier and fun using the My Disney Experience app, other travel apps, and how they pass the time waiting for their next landing at MCO.  Next, we look at apps that will help you maximize your magic while in the parks. Again the My Disney Experience App is a must but there are also some third-party apps like Touring Plans and AccuWeather that can come in handy too. While sharing a few other apps used in the parks, Howie gives some great tips and apps on how to make your pictures more magical as well.   


To finish up this episode, Ryan and Howie start to look at the value of cell phones in the classroom and also share some of their faAcvorite school apps. Unfortunately, the guys get a little too excited about this topic and run out of time to finish their list of apps for the classroom. Don’t worry though, promises were made to come back on July 1st and finish this topic off right. So we hope to see you one month from now because it promises to be an “App-e” ending.


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