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To Infinity and Beyond with Troy Cockrum

Join Ryan and Howie today as they welcome Troy Cockrum school Director of Innovative Teaching at Little Flower School in Indianapolis, IN. Troy is an innovative educator that has many incredible chapters in his educational story.  When Troy was in the classroom he was on the forefront of the Flipping your classroom movement and shared his experiences and knowledge through a very popular podcast called the Flipped Learning Network.  Troy has continued to progress with his innovative teaching and has been working in developing and writing a curriculum model dealing with the process of executing 20% time well with students in the classroom setting. He is currently working with the staff at his building to help move the building towards this model. One chapter of Troy’s story that Howie and Ryan were really blown away by was Troy’s adventure in becoming his own Star Commander!  Like Buzz Lightyear, Troy took flight and went to infinity and beyond for his learning and students.  Listen as Troy talks about his experience with the Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors program. This program is a professional development opportunity for educators designed to improve teaching methods and to inspire students.  As part of this program Troy had to pass a graduate level astronomy course and he was partnered with professional astronomers to participate as the scientists conducted research on board NASA’s SOFIA ( the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy.) We hope that you enjoy today’s show with Troy Cockrum as he shares all of his wonderful stories as he takes his students and staff “beyond the infinite.”



Troy Cockrum:


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NASA and SOFIA airborne astronomy program

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