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Interview with the Creators of CovEars

In today’s show Howie and Ryan discuss the design process and what your students can learn from teaching them how to take an idea from concept to design to market. Howie and Ryan interview the creators of the Covears, Jason and Taren. Covears started as a way to breathe new life into our old Mickey Mouse ear hats.  Part of the magic of going to a Disney park is wearing your favorite souvenirs - pins, sweatshirts, along with your trusty ear hat. Bringing the same hat into the parks day after day got Jason and Taren thinking - how can they freshen up their hats to match their style and mood for the day without doing anything permanent to them? That's when founders Jason and Taren came up with Covears. Listen as they talk with Howie and Ryan about the design process, creating and producing the product and so much more.




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