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Interview with Tammy Parks

In today’s show Howie and Ryan visit with Award winning Educator, Tammy G. Parks, of Howe Public Schools.


Her project: The Classroom Dreaming Tree . . . A place for my students and I to visit, think, reflect, and dream!  Inspired by the young Walt Disney's own childhood dreaming tree, this is a place to share our dreams - and YOUR dreams!  As written by @DixonOnDisney, "...chasing a dream ignites your life with a passion and purpose."


Learn more at

Ryan and Howie share their favorite web sites for the month and their favorite Disney books. We also reflect back on the first annual EdcampMagic, which Tammy attended.  Listen as all three of us relive some of the most meaningful, educational and thought provoking lessons learned at EdcampMagic 2015.





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Walt Disney: An American Original (Disney Editions Deluxe) by Bob Thomas

Quotable Walt Disney (Disney Editions Deluxe) by Disney Book


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